What Makes Wind Chimes So Relaxing?

Wind chimes have been around for centuries. They spin, clink and wave with the wind making their own beautiful naturally composed song that has been shown to lift people’s mood at times! But why is this the case? What makes wind chimes relaxing to listen to for some people? That’s what we’ll be exploring today in this blog! 

So settle in and grab a nice cup of tea or coffee as we explore the science and theories behind these mood enhancing garden decorations!

The power of healing sounds

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There have been quite a few studies done in the field of sound, specifically, looking towards how certain sounds can affect or improve health. We’ve probably all heard those research studies done about whether playing classical music can positively enhance the mental cognition of babies in the womb; but sounds can also affect us as adults too!

Certain tones and vibrations can have a  healing effect on our bodies. Now, this isn’t to say you’ll gain some superhuman regeneration ability or be able to see the effects immediately; but what these tones will do is help calm your mind, release stress and remove the blockages caused by stress to allow you to function at a much more productive level. 

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Sounds ground us, letting us connect with our environment and in many ways, bypass straight to our lizard brains to cause certain reactions. That’s why certain sounds, say the sound of footsteps when you’re certain you’re supposed to be home alone, would immediately cause red flags to jump up! Wind chimes the more audible sounds of nature. You’re literally hearing the song created by the wind!

A sound as calming and natural as that can help put your mind at ease and help you feel safe. It may even help you to meditate or lull you in a restful sleep.

Spiritual Connection

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Within the realm of healing sounds, there’s also the factor of being able to connect with yourself spiritually. This doesn’t have to be any big moment or out of body experience. It simply means you’re able to be aware of yourself as a whole. You can hear and understand your own thoughts, let your body relax, and ground yourself back to the present; rather than scattering your mind to worry about every little thing going on in your life. 

There’s many benefits to this. By focusing on just what’s going on right now in front of you, you’ll be arguably more productive! By putting all of your brain power into working on and completing one task at a time you can both finish it faster and maybe at a better quality than you would’ve had you been distracted by other things.

Less Distracting

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Wind chimes are also not as distracting as traditional music; especially pop! As much as we like to say that music helps up focus or that we can’t possibly sit in a silent room and pay attention to whatever we’re doing; putting on music can and does distract you. While maybe not noticeably at first, your brain does divert attention away from your task to both process and make sense of what you’re hearing.

Songs with lyrics (whether you understand them or not) are a huge culprit of taking up space in your mind. Think of it this way, if the music truly was background noise or not affecting you at all, you wouldn’t even be able to hear it! For example, when you’re with a group of friends chattering over a meal in a restaurant you’re able to hear them quite clearly. Most of the time, you may not even hear what else is going on around you unless you hear something important like your name being called.

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Now, how did you know someone was calling your name? That’s because whether you’re aware of it or not, your brain is still processing the sound information around you, but putting things it deems less important in the background while accentuating information that seems important. Wind chimes, as a more natural sound, can more easily be passed off by the brain as part of the environment and thus won’t take up as much space as music can and does.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the benefits and why wind chimes can be so relaxing, why not experience these things yourself today? Click here to shop now!